Talmud Monday's with Rabbi Tobin

Talmud Mondays with Rabbi Tobin

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Join Rabbi Robert Tobin and a special group of friends at B'nai Shalom for our weekly Talmud Monday's class. This class begins shortly after Simchat Torah, in October 2023 and runs all the way through June 2024. Rabbi Tobin's Talmud class is known to be fantastic for beginners and long time scholars alike.

The class does have weeks off for Jewish Holidays, Legal Holidays, and now and again if the Rabbi has a conflict due to a Rabbinic duty (Hospital visit, Funeral, etc.) Please be sure to RSVP directly to TobinRabbi@gmail.com to be part of the Talmud class email chain and receive notification if/ when there are changes to the schedule. You may see a message on this webpage that "registration is closed", that is an error, registration is never closed, we would love to see you!