Scott Richmond, Regional Director, ADL

Scott Richmond ADL

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Join us via Zoom for this special program and presentation with Scott Richman Join us for a discussion with Scott Richman. Topics to be covered include: what is the ADL and its role; what is the state of Antisemitism, both nationally and locally; what can and is being done to combat antisemitism; and how can people participate in this effort.

Scott Richman serves as the Director for ADL’s largest regional office covering New York and New Jersey. He oversees the work of the region, which includes incident response, anti-bias education, legislative initiatives, educational programs, fundraising and leadership development – all designed to fight antisemitism and combat hate in all its forms. This is reflected in his weekly national podcast called “From the Frontlines.” Richman comes to ADL from the American Jewish Committee (AJC) where he served as Regional Director for Westchester (NY) and Fairfield (CT) Counties. He came to AJC as an experienced Jewish professional, having served for 10 years at the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) aiding the rebirth of Jewish life in the Former Soviet Union, and three years as the founding Director of Dor Chadash, a non-profit startup which engaged young professionals in the New York area. Richman was a practicing attorney and investment banker before becoming a Jewish professional.