International Holocaust Remembrance Day Program with Author Mel Laytner

Mel Laytner Author

International Holocaust Remembrance Day Program with Author Mel Laytner picture

Join the Culture and Learning Center, B'nai Shalom Men's Club, and B'nai Shalom Sisterhood for this special event! Join veteran journalist Mel Laytner for a special International Holocaust Remembrance day program and a meaningful discussion/ book review. Following the 6:30pm program we will hold our evening Services at 8pm.

The B'nai Shalom Sisterhood will have copies of Mel's book available for sale, please contact for details. This program will be streamed via YouTube as well (1 way feed listen only) What if you uncovered a Nazi paper trail that revealed your father a man very different from the quiet, introspective Dad you knew…or thought you knew? Like Laytner’s father, every Holocaust survivor has an amazing story. Yet if the stories sound too amazing, they risk being dismissed as exaggerations…or worse. At a time when the Holocaust itself is increasingly being questioned, how do we show the truth to younger, skeptical generations further and further removed from the war? Laytner lets the Nazis do it. Digging up damning Nazi documents and chasing after hidden diamonds, author Mel Laytner melds the intimacy of personal memoir with the rigors of investigative journalism to write a Holocaust book for the next generation.