Israeli Wine Tasting Event

Wine Tasting

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Join us for this special event, Israeli Wine Tasting and a special evening with friends. All are welcome to attend. A unique evening at B'nai Shalom with promise of great taste and friends

Join us for an Israeli wine tasting party in honor of Yom Ha`atzmaut, presented by Israeli Wine Direct. Israel is the birthplace of wine and has become a major international wine producer. Five wines will be presented by Israeli Wine Direct. Three from the Kishor Winery in the western Galilee, and two in the Negev, showcasing Israel's continuing ability to make the desert bloom. In addition to a lively discussion about wine, there will be cheese available to pair with the wine. Israeli music will be featured as well. The mission of Israeli Wine Direct is to educate the American public about Israeli wine making and its history. Naomi and Raffi Del Rosario will be the presenters.