The Jews of Kaifeng China

The Jews of Kaifeng China with Ken Blady

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Contrary to the experience of Jews the world over the Jews of China were never victimized, as Jews, by institutional racism or systematic religious intolerance. As a civilized people whose religious tenets were in harmony with the Confucianist Five Relationships the Jews were welcome to China's shores. For many centuries, the tiny Jewish colonies of China were able to maintain their separate existence and withstand the power of absorption and assimilation.

In this Power Point presentation, supplemented with a short documentary film, we touch upon the following topics: Origin theories of the Chinese Jews--did they come overland on the Silk Road, or via sea routes?; as traders, adventurers, slaves, or fleeing persecution? Jewish Mandarins and the Sino-Judaic "golden age"Intricacies of the Kaifeng pagoda temple and the Sino-Judaic life cycle Judaism, Confucianism, Catholic missionaries, and the "Rites Controversy", Reasons for the decline of Chinese Jewry, The plight of Chinese Jews in contemporary China

Educator, writer, and Yiddish translator, Ken Blady, was born in Paris, France, and grew up in Chassidic Brooklyn, where he attended yeshiva and rabbinical seminary. A San Francisco Bay Area resident since 1972, Ken has a B.A. in History from UC Berkeley, an M.A. in Clinical Counseling from CS University, East Bay, and doctoral work in Integral Counseling at the California Institute of Integral Studies. He is the author of "Jewish Communities in Exotic Places,” and author, editor, and translator of ten published works. A popular lecturer on a variety of Jewish themes Ken was on as been featured on many radio and T.V. talk shows and educational programs, including The History Channel and the Voice of Israel. Formerly on the faculty of American Jewish University’s Whizen Center, he presently teaches Jewish history and Yiddish language courses online through Hamaqom, CSU East Bay Concord OLLI, and at Acalanes Adult School.