The House We Live In: Film and Conversation

Professor Art Simon, Montclair State University

The House We Live In: Film and Conversation picture

After the Holocaust, people thought the evil of anti-Semitism was so apparent that the world was inoculated against it forever. But people were wrong. From the late 1940s on, the anti-Semitism that had brewed quietly in America before the war continued to seep into American social discourse. One of the strategies used to combat it was film, produced both by Hollywood and organizations like the American Jewish Committee.

Professor Art Simon, expert in the history of American film and Jewish-American cultural history, will show some of these films and discuss their approaches to exposing and fighting hatred.

In a world where anti-Semitism and white nationalism are rising again, what can we learn from how such threats were represented and confronted in the 15 years following World War II? Don’t miss this important and timely community conversation!

Professor Art Simon received his PhD from New York University, and is Coordinator of the Film Studies Program in the English Department of Montclair State University. He co-edited American Film History: Selected Readings (2016), and the Wiley-Blackwell History of American Film (2012) and is the author of Dangerous Knowledge: The JFK Assassination in Art and Film (2013). He has also written about the “Social Problem Film” and “Politics and Film in the Blacklist Era.”