The Cut-Out Girl

A Rina Kurland Memorial Sisterhood Book Club Event

The Cut-Out Girl picture

B’NAI SHALOM READS! Join Lori Mayer as she reviews the Cut-Out Girl by Bart van Es, the grandson of righteous Gentiles in Holland who took in Lientje, a young Jewish girl handed over by her parents. This award-winning true tale traces the author’s search for Lientje, and the bond they developed as they worked to give life to this uncompromising account of Lientje’s experiences during and after the war.

Yes, there was great generosity and sacrifice by many Dutch during the occupation. Yet we learn the darker truths of Holland’s willing cooperation with the Nazis. Lientje and other Jews in hiding, as well as their rescuers, faced constant danger.

This moving story will reward the reader with sobering insights into the full range of human responses to harrowing circumstances.