The Book of Numbers with Rabbi Andrew Warmflash

The Book of Numbers with Rabbi Andrew Warmflash

The Book of Numbers with Rabbi Andrew Warmflash picture

This class will be held weekly on Tuesday's beginning October 5, 2021.

In addition to recounting the trials and travails of the Jewish people in the wilderness and Moses’ successes and failures in leading them, Numbers contains many strange and unusual passages including: the trial of an adulterous woman, Bilham’s talking donkey, Nazarite vows, Korach’s rebellion, the disastrous mission of the scouts and much more.

The class lasts about an hour and can be accessed by zoom or join in person.

Rabbi Andrew Warmflash is widely regarded as an outstanding speaker and teacher whose sermons and classes are inspiring, engaging and relevant. He is known as a warm, compassionate spiritual guide who can offer wise counsel and real comfort at difficult times.

A New Jersey native, Rabbi Warmflash holds a Bachelor of Arts with majors in Psychology and Philosophy from the University of Pennsylvania and received his Rabbinic Ordination at the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, which also awarded him a Doctor of Divinity degree in 2007.

Rabbi Warmflash has served on the Board of Trustees of the Schechter Institute Rabbinical School in Jerusalem and MERCAZ. He is a past co-chair of The Rabbinical Assembly Social Action Committee, was a member of the New Jersey State Commission on Racism, Racial Violence and Religious Violence, the New Jersey Interfaith Commission of NCCJ and co-chaired the Inter-Religious Leadership Group on Central American Immigration.