Tel Aviv Street Art Tour

From Sephardic Jews to Hipsters

Tel Aviv Street Art Tour picture

Tel Aviv is Israel’s cultural capital, but traditional museums are not always the best ambassadors for contemporary artists. For a more colorful look at what the city’s creative community is up to, go on an alternative art tour through the Florentin neighborhood with tour guide Aaron Gertz.

This fascinating neighborhood of South Tel Aviv was founded around a hundred years ago by Jewish immigrants from Salonica, Greece, the center of the Sephardic Jewish world. Since then, the neighborhood has changed dramatically and is now a neighborhood full of hipsters. On this tour with Aaron Gertz we'll learn a bit about the neighborhood--its history, culture, and, most of all, its street art. While we'll discuss a bit about the art and artists themselves, we'll primarily use the graffiti to try and understand this neighborhood and what it can help us learn about Israeli society.