Shavuot and Tikkun 2022

Shavuot Schedule and Study 2022

Shavuot and Tikkun 2022 picture

June 4th Candle Lighting- 9:14pm
June 4th Evening Services- 9:15pm followed by the Tikkun Leyl Shavuot until 10:30pm then at 10:30pm feel free to log onto the Rabbinical Assembly Virtual Tikkun which we are co-sponsoring
Join Rabbi Tobin and other Synagogue Members for Shavuot study at B’nai Shalom, this program will be on site (not virtual)
June 5th Morning Services- 9:15am
June 5th Afternoon Services June- 8:15pm
June 5th- Candle Lighting – 9:15pm
June 6th- Morning Services with Yizkor- 9:15am
June 6th- Afternoon Services 8:15pm
June 6th- Havdalah 9:16pm

This years Tikkun Leyl Shavuot Theme:
“Refugee Torah”
Why was the Torah was given to a refugee generation outside the land of Israel at Mt. Sinai?

From the expulsion from the Garden of Eden to the Jewish Communities of the Ukraine today, our people have been forced to flee and resettle more times than can be counted. Our people’s experience as refugees in exile have made an indelible imprint on our literature, our hearts and our hopes. Join us as members of our congregation lead us in study, experiencing old and new stories from the point of view of the refugee. What does it mean to have compassion for strangers as you, too, were strangers in the land of Egypt? What does it mean to leave your father’s house for the land that I will show you? Literature from the Torah, Tanakh, medieval and Jewish literature will explore the experience of exile with an eye on modern times.