Ladino Music from Yesterday to Today

Ladino Music with Sarah Aroeste

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Come along on a virtual journey as we learn about Ladino culture and history with this talented singer, songwriter, educator and storyteller, Sarah Aroeste.
Inspired by her family's Sephardic roots in Macedonia and Greece, Sarah has spent the last two decades bringing her contemporary style of original and traditional Ladino music to audiences around the world.
She works tirelessly to keep Ladino music alive for a new generation. Her musical style combines traditional Mediterranean Sephardic sounds with contemporary influences such as rock, pop, and jazz. To date, she has released seven recordings, most recently an all-Ladino Hanukkah CD, Hanuká (2021).

Through her artful performance of music, Sarah will show you how Ladino culture has existed and transformed from the 15th century until today. It is sure to be a meaningful and joyful way to spend your late afternoon.
This program is co-sponsored by Partners in Jewish programming, a consortium of Jewish organizations, nationwide including ours.