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May 9th 8:30pm Hollywood Blacklist
The late 1940's-50's marked a dark time in history. Fueled by the efforts of Sen Joseph McCarthy, the Blacklist impacted the major film studios and the lives of the entertainment industry professionals, from devout members of the Communist party to those caught in the middle of this powerful and political storm were Jewish, including John Garfield, Ruth Gordon, Arthur Miller and Zero Mostel. This program looks at how the Blacklist came about, how it divided the country and how a few brave Jewish movie patriots' actions led to its downfall.

May 26th 8:30pm Funny Girls
Beginning with Jewish mother caricatures in the silent era through their evolution to becoming an indispensable segment of the Hollywood storytelling machine, Jewish women have captured the big screen with their attitudes, intelligence, appearance, style, and most of all, Jewish wit. From such character actresses as, Judy Holliday, Madeline Kahn, Sandra Bernhard, Sylvia Miles and Doris Roberts to superstars like Fanny Brice, Gertrude Berg, Bette Midler, Barbara Streisand and Julia Louis- Dreyfus, we're giving it up for the ladies and all the laughs they've provided over the decades. And we won't forget about Shelley Winters!

June 23rd 8:30pm Spielberg!
Steven Spielberg is an artist whose work is so ubiquitous and instantly identifiable that his name has inspired its very own adjective- "Spielbergian". One of the most commercially successful directors of all time, Spielberg's modern classics include Jaws, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, E.T. and the Indiana Jones and Jurassic Park series. We examine the life and career of the grant storyteller, with a particular focus on his upbringing as an Orthodox Jew and his later Jewish re-awakening, which yielded such vital works as Schindler's List and Munich. His interest have also inspired the creation of the Shoah Foundation and Righteous Persons Foundation, which make Jewish history and tradition more accessible to all.