Here All Along

Reviewed by Vicky Alvy

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When Sarah Hurwitz, head speech writer for Michelle Obama, was a girl, she dropped out of Hebrew School. Only as an adult, immersed in the frantic and cynical world of DC politics, did she happen to take an introductory course in Judaism. . .

where she discovered what had been here for her all along.

Vicky Alvy will review and lead discussion of this wise and erudite account of what Judaism can mean today for Jews who are seeking a more meaningful connection to their Jewish heritage.

True to her speechwriting roots, Hurwitz -- a graduate of Harvard and Harvard Law School -- researches thoroughly and writes compellingly, with stories one can relate to. She's found great teachers with whom she's studied in depth, attended a Jewish meditation retreat, celebrated Shabbat with Orthodox families to experience full observance of the day, and interviewed countless Jewish thought leaders. The resulting book is a celebration of all that she finds beautiful and valuable in Jewish thought and practice, and its positive influence on our lives.

Come and join this interesting conversation,