The Hare with Amber Eyes

A Rina Kurland Memorial Sisterhood Book Club Event

The Hare with Amber Eyes picture

Join Bonnie Isaacson on a trip back to 19th century Paris and early 20th century Vienna as she leads our discussion of The Hare with Amber Eyes – Edmund de Waal’s award-winning family history.

The Ephrussis were Jewish merchants and bankers whose phenomenal wealth gave them access to the heights of 19th century society, and to the French Impressionists and intellectuals whose work they championed. As you read, you will meet Charles, who assembled a remarkable collection of Japanese netsuke including an exquisitely carved hare with amber eyes and his Viennese cousin Viktor, to whom Charles gave the collection. You will then watch the family’s world shatter as the Anschluss swept all away.

Did the precious netsuke collection survive? Read to find out, and enjoy!