The Bronx: An Armchair Tour with Marty Schneit

Presented by Hazak

The Bronx: An Armchair Tour with Marty Schneit picture

They say, “You can take a kid out of the Bronx. But you can’t take the Bronx out of the kid,” even when the kid grows up. “The House that Ruth Built” (the original Yankee Stadium), the “El,” and the Paradise Theater on the Grand Concourse remain vivid memories, and place-loyalty runs deep.

Marty Schneit, a licensed New York City tour guide and colorful lecturer, will lead an “Armchair Tour of the Bronx.” Join him as he looks back with nostalgia at the Bronx of his (and maybe your) youth. You’ll get a taste of the music, the foods, and the culture that define a borough with rich Jewish history, and pride in its ethnic diversity.

Marty has lectured at the New York Public Library, National Council of Jewish Women, the 92nd Street Y, and many other venues. He loves sharing his passion for the City of New York.

Hazak, the program sponsor, is B’nai Shalom’s group for senior adults. All are invited to take this evocative virtual “tour.”