Our Changing Planet

Experience Tu Bish’vat With Spiro Alexandratos, PhD

Our Changing Planet picture

When the Biblical New Year of the Trees began, people lived in harmony with nature’s rhythm. Today, as Planet Earth undergoes changes at an unprecedented rate, that harmony has been disrupted. Weather is more extreme. The oceans are more acidic. The very trees that we tithed in Biblical times, the trees the Kabbalists used as symbols of spiritual growth, are threatened by global warming and environmental stress.

Come to hear Dr. Spiro Alexandratos—a Fulbright scholar and professor of chemistry at both Hunter College and the PhD Program at the Graduate Center of City University of New York—explain the science behind these escalating changes, and the psychology of climate change denial.
As we learn, we’ll also share in a traditional Tu Bish’vat dairy/vegetarian supper with all the fruits and treats we
enjoy each year.