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Our Changing Planet

Sun • Feb 09, 2020 • 6:30 pm

Did you know that many of the world’s 60,000 species of trees are under threat because of global warming and other environmental stress? As we observe Tu Bishevat (the New Year of the Trees) this year, we will find out why. COST OF PROGRAM INCLUDES DINNER


A Tu Bishvat Experience

Sun • Feb 09, 2020 • 6:30 pm

When the Biblical New Year of the Trees began, people lived in harmony with nature’s rhythm. Today, as Planet Earth undergoes changes at an unprecedented rate, that harmony has been disrupted. Weather is more extreme. The oceans are more acidic. The very trees that we tithed in Biblical times, the trees the Kabbalists used as symbols of spiritual growth, are threatened by global warming and environmental stress.


Painting Individuality

Sat • Feb 15, 2020 • 1:00 pm

Janet Boltax’s latest painting project is a series of large oil portraits of individuals born with a variety of disabilities who have, for the most part, been able to reach their potential as vital human beings.