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From Lyrics to Liturgy

Thu • Jul 09, 2020 • 1:30 pm

From ancient times to contemporary Israel, the winds of history have stirred our people’s poets to song. Join Rabbi Tobin for all four sessions in this summer seminar by registering here -- or for one or more individual sessions -- as he examines this powerful outpouring of literary creation over the ages. Sessions will take place on Thursday afternoons, July 9th, July 16th, July 23rd, & July 30th


Poetry of Jerusalem Under Fire

Thu • Jul 09, 2020 • 1:30 pm

How do poets put words to overwhelming tragedy? Join Rabbi Tobin's first Summer Seminar, as he examines the poetic response to Jerusalem's destruction.


Poetry of Spain's Golden Age

Thu • Jul 16, 2020 • 1:30 pm

Scanning Jewish history, Rabbi Robert Tobin's second summer seminar reminds us -- it was not all bad. In the Golden Age of Medieval Spain . .